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About Us

We’re serious about play, no seriously, we really are! 

Play is the driving force of the universe, and as we grow up we forget that it’s tangled in the everyday. Our mission is to bring play to all of our projects and collaborations, helping us to create work that inspires and elevates.  

We initially created the studio to make a mind-melting virtual reality poem about the history of the universe. It was our “big bang” moment that kick-started our infinite journey of creative musing and arguing about the colour of a void.  

Since then we have produced installations, passionately delivered branding concepts, lovingly created motion graphics, penned short films, cried and laughed at our colourful cartoons, interacted with interactive soundtrack design, and built VR and AR applications that would make you grow beards on your chest.

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What we do

Animation: We pride ourselves on telling stories through eye-catching 2d motion design and 3d animation that ultimately help businesses grow, develop and evolve.

Design: Design thinking is integral to how we operate as a studio, and touches all aspects of the work we do. This hyper-focused attention to design defines our process, whether it’s designing for motion, ideation and content creation, or audio design for branding projects.

Audio: Music and interactive sound design have a profound influence on our work. We see it as critical in creating emotional responses that heighten the quality of our client’s products and experiences.

Interactive: We love exploring new technologies and finding ways to apply them to existing formats. This passion connects the dots between animation, audio development and design when developing games, VR/AR experiences, installation pieces or interactive audio adventures.

Our clients include: