Northern Ireland Science Festival

When Something Happens First Look

6th December 2019

Northern Ireland Science Festival

As the production of our VR short film ‘When Something Happens' continues, we were given the opportunity to provide a first look to the attendees of our ‘Immersed in Space' event.

On the 16th February we programmed a multimedia extravaganza in partnership with Northern Ireland Science Festival, Queens Film Theatre and the Belfast Film Festival. The night included VR demos from the European Space Agency, Boom Clap Play, a series of space themed short films (courtesy of Stephen Hackett), and a unique panel discussion with Mark McCaughrean (ESA), Nigel McAlpine (Digital Catapult) and Boston Williams (writer/spoken word artist) that was hosted by Robert Hill (First Derivatives).

We were delighted with this cross section of insight, where a poet, a technologist and scientists got together to share their thoughts and perspectives about how we use stories and AV technologies to help us explore and understand the universe we live in.

It was also a lot of fun hosting ‘first look' viewings of our VR film. Getting early stage feedback from a ranged audience is critical at this early stage. We received a very positive reaction from both adults and children who took part, it was great to see that they understood and enjoyed the content. The event was a great platform to test the content and the hardware in the live scienero, whilst also providing a great opportunity to promote our work.

Many thanks to NI Screen, Northern Ireland Science Festival and Belfast Film Festival for their support with the event!

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