Blockchain Beer

Designing their new labels

6th December 2019

Blockchain Beer

We were delighted to be commissioned for design work with Ireland Craft Beers on their new range called ‘Downstream'. After working with them previously and even helping coin their brand name, the Downstream team approached us for new design ideas to further capture the essence of their brand and innovative blockchain technology, an integral part of the Downstream beer campaign.

Our Co-Founder Andy was able to build on his previous work and help develop their new range of products, delving deeper into blockchain technology and how its used to ensure the visuals represented their brand.

The core design nods to code, maths and digital information, reflected through hyper synthetic colours, gradients and basic interlocking shapes that seem to be floating in liquid (or beer!).

It has been great so see the success of the beer both here and abroad, with Marks and Spencers having great reviews and distribution set to start in Singapore. We can't wait to see what comes next from Downstream and work more with them in the future.

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Our clients include:

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  • Ireland Craft Beers
  • Limbik
  • Belfast City Council