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Mind the Gap

A granny and granddaughter discuss the ups and downs of artificial intelligence

Mind the Gap is a 2D animated short film with some 3D visuals rendered in a cel style. It was funded by Future Screens and featured at the artificial intelligence conference, AiCon. We were both excited and a little terrified of this incoming wave of emerging technology, making this a fun project to research and create.

The film sets out to explore the potential of artificial intelligence and discuss its implications. We were assisted by senior engineer Rory Hanratty, who helped us develop some of the preproduction concepts. Our goal was to bring to life some of the conversations that a lot of people were having about AI.

The project turned out to be a successful film that was featured at the 2021 AiCon conference. We were able to create a story that was both humorous and thought-provoking, and we feel that it really resonated with viewers.

The lesson we learned from Mind the Gap is to always be open to new technology and explore its potential. AI is an exciting and ever-evolving field and it can be valuable to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Through this production, we gained a greater understanding of the power of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on our world. We hope that this film will encourage more people to think critically about the adoption of AI and how it can be used (and abused) in our lives.

This case study was written with the help of artificial intelligence

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