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Punctuation Peaks

A group of young school children, tired of abstract lessons and yearning for excitement, stumbled upon a new world. Mini-adventures unfolded as educational content was cleverly disguised in lively banter and whimsical fun. Punctuation Peaks, an animated series crafted meticulously with stylised shaders and lighting, offered a novel and inviting way to learn, without feeling like traditional educational content.

Igniting the spark of interest in primary school students is no mean feat. Traditional content, heavy on infographics and 2D animations, often lacks the vivacity to hold attention for long. The team drew inspiration from relevant elements – ancient folklore and modern emoticons, infusing them into the visual language and storytelling culture of the series.

The team had five months to construct a solution that brought context to abstract concepts through a character-based, scenario-driven approach. Amidst sporadic interruptions and discord notifications, the remote team, scattered across homes filled with discarded coffee cups and impromptu pet invasions, faced down every challenge. Even when a network storage conflict threatened to derail the delivery of the high-quality rough cuts for audience testing, the team sprang into action. By tracking down and linking files locally, they resolved the issue just in time.

Punctuation Peaks exceeded all expectations. Its tactile aesthetic and stop-motion feel struck a chord with the young audience. The series, set in a cosy campsite on a beautiful island, delighted the students. Huddled around a large television, the boisterous group of 8-year-olds watched characters like Bigfoot Bill in wide-eyed fascination. Amid the crackling of the virtual campfire and the twilight hues of the animation, language and literacy concepts were introduced in a way that was far more memorable than traditional methods. “Bigfoot Bill’s my favourite!” one child exclaimed, while another loved Cinders for her confident storytelling and unusually deep voice.

Along the way, the team confronted and overcame several challenges – from striking the delicate balance between education and story, resolving rendering issues, to navigating the unexpected minefield of degraded dialogue audio. The director’s feedback on Astro Joe’s mouth rig led to countless revisions and discussions. “His mouth should take up half his face!” became a light-hearted rallying cry for perfecting Astro Joe’s exaggerated expressions

The journey reaffirmed a vital understanding: educational content can be more than just informative, it can be engaging and visually appealing

A testament to the transformative power of storytelling in education, Punctuation Peaks was not only an achievement in terms of high production values and successful integration of key learning outcomes, but it also blazed the trail for a richer and more engaging approach to educational content creation. The team’s aspiration remains: to continue shaping the future of education, one story at a time.

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